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Sex Toys WOLF'S CAT Macaron: Reluctant

Hentai: WOLF'S CAT Macaron:

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I stepped around to the side of the now sweat and cum drenched bed and stroked my cock wildly until I sprayed an enormous load of spunk all over Joy’s face, hair, and hanging titties!

What a sight she was! Still straddling Mac on hands and knees with her ass up high, Joy was oozing gobs and wads of sperm from every orifice on her body and most of her flesh and “ Fuck Me “ outfit was soaked with excess ejaculate , His big cock had been sucked so dry that not even a drop of juice oozed from his piss slit!

He complimented her on her performance before going to fix his next stiff drink, “ Damn, son! I’ve had lots of pussy and watched a few women fuck someone or something but I ain’t never seen a woman’s pussy get that hot! I’m gonna clean up and get ready for more! “

As he ambled to the bath I motioned for Ricky to come follow me to stand behind Joy’s upturned ass, “ How does it feel to be fucked with so much cock and filled full of their sperm-stranger’s sperm? “

“ So…so…fucking good! Never felt anything…anything like it before…” Fuck my ass more! Fuck more of that hot cum up in me! “

Ricky jack hammered her asshole brutally and their pounding flesh made splattering noises that echoed around the hotel room, Mac was coming down from shooting his huge load up in her belly but her pussy was still impaled firmly

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